Google camera for Honor X20 SE Gcam APK Download

Google introduced it first flagship device named Pixel, back in 2016. The smartphone features Google Camera as the default camera app. And ladies and gentlemen, the same default camera was able to beat the big players in the industry like the Samung and Apple.

The only thing that was a major disappointment for the Android users, was the exclusive availability of Google Camera for Pixel devices. But, the disappointment didn’t last much longer.

As some indie developers were able to create the modded version of the Google Camera app. These modded app is not a perfect alternative of Gcam, as you can only try out some of the features only.

And if you want to give it a shot. We will mention the ways to download Honor X20 SE Gcam on your device. You will also find the Honor X20 SE Google Camera download link.

The latest version of the Google camera app is Gcam 8.2, its previous version was Gcam 8.1 and the upcoming version might be Google Camera 8.3 or Google Camera 9.0.

Gogole Camera Honor X20 SE

Google camera features:

If you are here for the links to download Honor X20 SE Google Camera then you can check them out below. Here, we will be mentioning some of the interesting features of the Google Camera which you can try out on your device.

Well, the first feature that needs special mention here is the Night Sight mode. It was probably the most innovative Gcam feature till now. With the mode, you can easily capture scenery even if there is a low lighting condition. And the magic happens in post processing, where the AI adds enhancements on its own.

Another feature that is worth mentioning here is the Dual Exposure mode. The mode lets you capture the night sky with some very interesting enhancements. All thanks to the fantastic machine learning and AI of Gcam. User can select the area to add exposure to and even the intensity of it.

Some other features are –

  • Google Lens
  • Super Res Zoom
  • Video Stabilization
  • Portrait
  • Portrait Light
  • Night Sight
  • Live HDR+
  • Top Shot
  • Photo Sphere
  • HDR+, HDR+ enhanced
  • Photobooth
  • Panorama
  • Motion Photos
  • Pixel Visual/Neural Core
  • Astrophotography
  • Dual Exposure Controls
  • Playground
  • Smartburst
  • Slow Motion

Google Camera Honor X20 SE –

Huawei faced a major kick in the gut a couple of years ago when the US government banned the company to trade with major tech companies. And guess what, one of the company was Google.

Huawei had a hard time in coping up with the ban from then. But, still, Huawei has not stopped releasing new devices. The latest one is the Honor X20 SE which comes with some great specs.

The device has got a promising triple rear camera setup.

You can try using Google Camera to enhance the primary sensor and get the best out of the camera system.

Here, we will be mentioning the link if Gcam for Honor X20 SE. And not only this, you will find an installation guide for Gcam as well.

Gogole Camera Honor X20 SE

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Gcam Download links for Honor X20 SE –

Honor X20 SE Specification –

Honor X20 SE is the new device in the Honor semi-flagship device. The fanstastic device comes with a 6.60-inch AMOLED display with a high resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. To power the device, best in segment MediaTek Dimensity 700 octa-core comes under-the-hood of the new Honor X20 SE. And to support the processor, 6GB of RAM is given.

The device runs on the latest version of Android 11 with Huawei’s in-house made skin on the top. To juice the device, a Li-ion battery with 4000mAh battery capacity. For storing video, images and more an internal storage of 128GB is given as well.

Honor X20 SE Camera –

Coming to the optics of the Honot X20 SE. The new Honor device comes with a triple rear camera setup. The vertical camera module design looks very common but it looks elegant. It carries a 64MP primary sensor, a 2MP telephoto lens and finally a 2MP macro lens. The camera seems to be delivering great photos, at least on papers.

The capture fantastic selfies and attend video calls, a 16MP camera sensor is given. The sensor sits inside the display punchole which is at the center of the display.

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