Google camera for HTC Wildfire E3 Gcam 8.1 apk download

The first generation of Google Pixel device released back in the year 2016. The new flagship range in the market was not able to influence the buyers, even the devices were made by the most popular company on the earth – Google. Well, the design of the devices was not attractive, and users didn’t find anything that the popular OEMs like Samsung and Apple weren’t offering.

But, Google’s new innovation – Google Camera was a major breakthrough in the world of smartphones. It was the first time that an OEM has worked entirely on image processing, machine learning, AI instead of just putting the high-end camera sensors on both sides.

Google Camera created a huge impact on users. This also inspired many to wonder if the Google Camera can be installed on their devices. Well, Google already mentioned, that Google Camera cannot be downloaded on any other device. But, there are ways by which one can use the Google Camera of their device. Here, we will be talking about one such way. Along with that, we will be including the links for the best Gcam for HTC Wildfire E3 here.

HTC Wildfire E3 Gcam


Google camera features:

Hey there, you might be feeling overwhelmed to experience the Google Camera on your HTC Wildfire E3. But, before we talk about the guide to use it and provide you the link to download the Gcam on your device, we would like to take a moment to talk about some interesting features of Google Camera.

The first one, which is our favorite, is the Dual Exposure mode. Well, to simply make you understand, we will say that Dual Exposure mode is the advanced version of the HDR+ mode. The HDR mode that you will find in the majority of devices automatically enhances the photos by adding the exposure. But, Google Camera lets users customize the exposure added to the subjects.

Another interesting feature is the Astrophotography mode. And here too, Google learned and upgraded an already available feature. You might have heard of Night Mode, Google changed how machine learning worked. With the Astrophotography mode, you can take beautiful shots of the night sky.

Some other Google Camera features –

  • Portrait Light
  • Panorama
  • Photo Sphere
  • Slow Motion
  • Top Shot
  • Playground
  • Super Res Zoom
  • HDR+HDR+ enhanced
  • Portrait
  • Motion Photos
  • Pixel Visual/Neural Core
  • Photobooth
  • Night Sight
  • Astrophotography
  • Smartburst
  • Video Stabilization
  • Dual Exposure Controls
  • Live HDR+
  • Google Lens

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Google Camera HTC Wildfire E3 –

Google created the incredible Google Camera with the help of a developer named – Marc Levoy and his fantastic team. The team worked really hard, wrote hundreds of thousands of codes to make the Google Camera work the way it does now.

Google Camera, popularly known as Gcam, has always been ahead of the competition. At the time when the biggest players in the world of smartphones were working on enhancing the camera sensor of their smartphones. Google worked on the image processing power of their devices. And the results were fantastic.

Tech enthusiasts all over the world were overwhelmed by the way Google Camera performed, but the fact that Gcam can’t be downloaded on other smartphones broke the hearts of many. But, no need to worry as some techie folks were able to create the modded version of the Gcams. These modded apps can be used to experience some of the features of the Google camera on any Android device.

You just need to find an appropriate Google Camera for your device. But, this can be a tough task. That’s where our platform helps you out. Here, we will be helping you out to find a working modded Gcam apk for your HTC Wildfire E3.

HTC Wildfire E3 Gcam


HTC Wildfire E3 Specification –

Wildfire E3 is an all-new device from the house of HTC. The device features a 6.50-inch display with a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels. The device is juiced by a MediaTek Helio P22 processor which is supported by 4GB RAM.

The device comes with a battery capacity of 4000mAh. The internal storage of 64GB is given with an option to expand it using the SD card. The new HTC Wildfire E3 runs on the Android version – Android 10. Well, it’s not the latest Android version, but it is satisfactory.

HTC Wildfire E3 Camera –

The device features a quad rear camera setup with a vertical camera module. Well, the vertical module at the rear carries a 13MP primary camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, a 2MP telephoto camera, and finally a 2MP macro lens. The camera setup is satisfactory considering the price tag of the device.

The device carries a 13MP front camera sensor in the front display teardrop notch for attending video calls and selfies.

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Gcam Download links for HTC Wildfire E3 –

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