Google camera for Samsung Tab S7 FE Gcam APK Download

Google Camera would easily take away the trophy for the most innovative app of the last decade. And not only the best innovation app, but also the best camera app in the world.

Google Camera, popularly known as Gcam was released back in 2016 with the first generation of the Google Pixel. And that was the only good thing about Pixel devices, which still have interest of all the tech enthusiasts out there. Gcam cannot be downloaded on any Android device, but the indie developers out there have already found the way to port Gcam features.

Well, here, we will be mentioning the installation guide as well as the download links for Samsung Tab S7 FE Google Camera.

Samsung Tab S7 FE Google Camera


Google camera features:

You might be already searching for Google Camera for Samsung Tab S7 FE here. Well, we will be mentioning the download links in a minute. But, before that, we would like to mention some of the features of Google Camera that you should really check out. Let us start.

The most favourite feature of Google Camera is the Night Sight mode. Well, it is one of the first features of Gcam. And it became the face of the Night Sight. And we should not ignore the fact that Night Sight mode is the first of its type. An innovation by the fantastic team of Google Camera. Well, everyone knows about the Gcam. The mode lets you capture detailed photos even in the nighttime.

Another feature that needs to a mention here is the Dual Exposure mode. This particular mode is another feature that has been upgraded by Google and now it is probably the most recognized feature of Gcam. With this, the user not only selects the region where exposure has to added but also the intensity of the exposure using the slider options.

Well, this is not it. There a  long list of Gcam features that you can try out. Check out the list below.

Some other features are –

  • Live HDR+
  • Panorama
  • Video Stabilization
  • Astrophotography
  • Motion Photos
  • Photo Sphere
  • Google Lens
  • Dual Exposure Controls
  • Portrait
  • Super Res Zoom
  • Pixel Visual/Neural Core
  • Night Sight
  • Top Shot
  • HDR+, HDR+ enhancedPhotobooth
  • Portrait Light
  • Smartburst
  • Playground
  • Slow Motion

Google Camera Samsung Tab S7 FE –

Samsung Tab S7 FE is the all-new mid-end device in the Samsung tablet series. Tab S7 FE is the fan edition version of the popular Galaxy S7 tablet series. Well, it comes with some trimmed down features, but still carries a major significance in the series. As Samsung focuses on the affordable range of tablets.

Talking about the camera department of the Samsung Tab S7 FE. The tablet in the Samsung family doesn’t sport something interesting when it comes to the camera. But, it is the case only when you compare the camera setup of tablets with smartphones of the same brand.

But, who wants a high-end camera setup in a tablet anyway? Who will be taking out their tablet to take selfies? And even use a rear camera to capture the scenery.

Tablet, if we suppose you are using it for your work or gaming, doesn’t need any type of special camera setup. Thus single rear camera with a lower pixel count is not a problem at all.

But, you can always use Google Camera in your Samsung Tab S7 FE to enhance the camera capabilities. Just download the Samsung Tab S7 FE Gcam apk on your device and you will be good to go.

Samsung Tab S7 FE Google Camera


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Gcam Download links for Samsung Tab S7 FE –

Samsung Tab S7 FE Specification –

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the all-new tablet by the Korean tech giant. The device features a 12.40-inch AMOLED display with an HD resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. Tab S7 FE is powered by a Snapdragon 750G SoC octa-core processor which is supported by 4GB RAM.

The tablet carries a bigger 10,090mAh Li-ion battery. S7 FE runs on the latest version of Android, that is, Android 11. The internal storage of 64GB is given in the device, which can be expanded easily.

Samsung Tab S7 FE Camera –

Similar to all the devices in the same series. The all-new Samsung Tab S7 FE comes with a single rear camera setup. But, the camera setup in Tab S7 FE comes with an 8MP sensor, which is really good, performs as intended. And unlike smartphone these days, tablets still comes with a just single-camera setup.

At the front, the device carries a 5MP camera sensor. The camera sensor sits in the top bezel of the tablet. Galaxy Tab S7 FE doesn’t feature any dedicated LIDAR sensor like iPad 2020.

Overall, the camera performs well, as intended.

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