Lava Z2 Max Gcam apk (Google Camera Download)

Google Camera is one of the most popular and most wanted apps in the world of smartphones. Even iOS users wish to use Gcam on their Apple devices, but unlike other Google apps, Gcam is not available for iOS devices. Even Android users do not have the privilege to use Gcam. Google made Gcam a Pixel exclusive app.

But, the tech savvies out there have found a way to port the features of Gcam on any Android device. Here, we will be discussing such a way,  with a quick guide on the top. Well, if you are here just for the download links, you will also find the download link for the best Gcam for Lava Z2 Max here.


Lava Z2 Max Gcam

Google camera features:

Google Camera comes with a lot of fantastic features. Here, we would like to mention a few of them. Make sure to check them out and use them on your device too.

The most incredible and popular feature of Gcam is the Night Sight. It is similar to Night Mode that you might have seen on your non-Pixel smartphone. The mode lets you click the best shot of a scene with the additional enhancement of sharpness, color, and other details in it.

Another feature that is worth mentioning here is the Dual-Exposure mode. It’s nothing but an enhanced version of HDR mode. The mode lets you select two areas to add digital exposure and moreover, you can select the intensity as well.

Some other features are –

  • Video Stabilization
  • HDR+HDR+ enhanced
  • Dual Exposure Controls
  • Portrait
  • Live HDR+
  • Smartburst
  • Night Sight
  • Slow Motion
  • Motion Photos
  • Playground
  • Portrait Light
  • Photo Sphere
  • Super Res Zoom
  • Astrophotography
  • Pixel Visual/Neural Core
  • Google Lens
  • Top Shot
  • Panorama
  • Photobooth

Google Camera Lava Z2 Max –

Lava Z2 Max is one of the Indians brands which is known to make affordable and entry-budget devices. Earlier, the brand used to cover a major part of the Indian smartphone market, but the rise of popularity of Chinese brands let brands Lava to out a halt on the production of the devices.

Lava, now, focuses only on customers who are looking for an Indian brand making affordable devices. And Lava has to offer a great price too in that segment.

Well, Lava might deliver a good smartphone for casual usage, but you can’t really expect anything with the camera setup in Lava devices. But, the good thing is, you can always use Google Camera to upgrade the output photos produced by the camera hardware of the device.

Here, you will get to know, how you can download and use Google Camera on Lava Z2 Max. We will also be mentioning the link for the best Android Go supported Gcam apk for your device to download.

Lava Z2 Max Gcam

Lava Z2 Max Specification –

Lava is one of the affordable smartphone producers which has released the Lava Z2 Max. The device comes with a 7.00-inch display having a resolution of 720 x 1640 pixels. It is powered by a quad-core processor, which is not ‘best’ for a modern-day smartphone, but it’s enough for an entry-level device like this. It is supported by 2Gb RAM.

Lava Z2 runs on Android 10 (Go Edition), with a very powerful battery with a capacity of 6000mAh. The internal storage of 32Gb is present, which is not expandable using any external device.

Lava Z2 Max Camera –

The Z2 Max comes with a dual rear camera setup which sits in a square camera module. The module carries a 13MP primary sensor and a 2MP secondary sensor. The camera setup is definitely not the best but works for an entry-level device.

The device carries an 8MP front sensor, which is carried by a front display notch. The Z2 Max can be used efficiently for capturing selfies and attending meetings and video calls.

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Gcam Download links for Lava Z2 Max –

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