Oneplus camera app 6.4.23 codes hints at features like Tilt-shift, Focus Peaking, Moon mode, etc

The Chinese OEM OnePlus last week rolled the latest Android 11 based OxygenOS 11 beta update for the OnePlus 7 and 7T series. The update bought a bunch of new features including an updated camera app. The new camera app with version number 6.4.23 contains some strings of codes that hints at some new features that we might see in the near future.

Thanks to the XDA’s senior member LossyX who unearthed the codes in the app to find out features like Tilt-shift, Focus Peaking, Moon mode, Starburst, and Hyperlapse. These features are not live yet but as the codes of these features are found inside the recent camera app, we might see these features in upcoming OnePlus devices.

Features found in the codes of OnePlus camera app 6.4.23 :

Tilt-shift mode

This is a photography technique in which scenes appear much smaller than they are in real life. Below are the strings appeared in the camera app:

<string name="capture_mode_tiltshift">Tilt-shift</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_1">1. Select location</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_1_detail">Tap the screen to change the location of the blurred area.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_2">2. Adjust the scope</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_2_detail">Adjust the blurred area with two fingers.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_3">3. Adjust the angles</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_3_detail">Change the angles with double finger rotation.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_4">4. Adjust intensity</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_4_detail">Tap the button to adjust the intensity of the blurred area.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_end">Try it Out</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_start">Steps to take perfect photos:</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_overview">Tilt-shift mode can transform the world into a miniature version. Buildings and people will resemble tiny models in the shifting lens, displaying the visuals of an \"artificial city\" in photos. Here are some samples!</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_title">About Tilt-shift mode</string>

Moon Mode / Starburst

This is a feature that will help to capture the images of bright objects like the moon and sun. You might have noticed when you capture the picture of the moon, it appears as a radiating star-shape rather than a dot, so this is the starburst effect. So, this feature will deal with such problems. Below are the string found in the camera app:

<string name="settings_moon">About \"Moon Natural Colour Solution\"</string>
<string name="filter_black_white_moon">B&amp;W</string>
<string name="filter_moon_black_white_new">OBW 2</string>
<string name="filter_moon_mono">OBW 1</string>
<string name="filter_moon_snapseed">OBW 3</string>
<string name="filter_pop_moon">Vivid</string>
<string name="filter_soft_moon">Matte</string>


OnePlus camera app is housed with the time-lapse feature, however, it looks like OnePlus is planning to offer a dedicated Hyperlapse feature.

<string name="hyperlapse">Hyperlapse</string>
<string name="user_assistive_put_subject_inside_frame">Please put the subject in the frame</string>

Focus peaking

Lastly, the Focus peaking feature was also found in the OnePlus Camera app. This feature will likely highlight any in-focus areas in the viewfinder.

<string name="content_description_peeking_focus">Focus Peaking</string>